Exshaw School Latest News en-us Mon, 28 Sep 2020 05:59:53 MDT Breeze for Teachers 5.0 https://exs.crps.ca September 30 Celebration We will be holding a celebration for the start of the school year on Wednesday September 30 https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5585&stream=Latest News https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5585&stream=Latest News COVID Symptoms Please read through the COVID-19 Symptom Checklist and follow the Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines. https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5572&stream=Latest News https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5572&stream=Latest News Sep 16 Re-entry Plan Revision Please read through the Sep 16 revision of the re-entry plan for Exshaw School.  https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5563&stream=Latest News https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5563&stream=Latest News Snacketeria Reopening! Great news!  The Snacketeria is re-opening on Thursday Sep 17 and will be offering free lunches!  https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5570&stream=Latest News https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5570&stream=Latest News Chromebooks For the families who have registered for at-home learning and need to borrow a Chromebook, please contact the school on Tuesday Sep 8 at 403-673-3656 to book a time to sign the agreement and pickup a Chromebook.  We will need to have appointments booked as per our re-entry policy.  Thank you so much!  https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5562&stream=Latest News https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5562&stream=Latest News Classroom Configurations Please read this letter regarding the classroom configurations for in-school and at-home learning.  https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5560&stream=Latest News https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5560&stream=Latest News Daily Symptom Checklist Please use this checklist every morning to screen for any symptoms.  If you answer yes to any of the questions, please stay home and call the school to notify the office.  https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5555&stream=Latest News https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5555&stream=Latest News Snacketeria closed for September The Snacketeria at Exshaw School will be closed for the month of September.  Unfortunately this means there will be no breakfast or lunch available at the school.  Please send bagged lunches and snacks with your child(ren) that do not require microwaving.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5550&stream=Latest News https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5550&stream=Latest News Re-entry Plan Please read through the re-entry plan for Exshaw School.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the principal at 403-673-3656.  https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5545&stream=Latest News https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5545&stream=Latest News MP Blake Richards We were so honoured to have the Member of Parliament, Blake Richards, for Banff-Airdrie, present Ms. Soler and Ms. Dallyn certificates of recognition for teaching excellence! https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5456&stream=Latest News https://exs.crps.ca/view.php?action=object&id=5456&stream=Latest News